A collection of travel stories and stand-still moments by spatial vibes and personalities.

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Meet your host, Jess 👩🏻

A curious product designer who loves illustrated maps, cafe hopping and designing meaningful user experiences.

Having spent 5+ years in the travel industry from sales to design, Jess wanted to explore stories of alternative travel and how individuals can contribute to sustainable tourism - and Wonder Trekker was born.

🧘🏻‍♀️ Episode 6: Andrea's take on everyday mindfulness


Meet Andrea Aponte

Born in Colombia 🇨🇴 and living in Hong Kong 🇭🇰, Andrea is a visual designer who finds joy at markets and the little things in life. Having travelled across continents, her move to Hong Kong was the perfect opportunity to experience long-term travel.

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🏍 Episode 5: How Kelvin tolerates the bullsh!t in life

S1E5 - Kelvin.png

Meet Kelvin Yim

Kelvin used to travel to escape the chaos in life, until he realized how temporary it all is. But after a volunteer mission trip in Vietnam 🇻🇳, he reflects on this form of alternative travel that is genuinely ‘good for the soul’.

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🥟 Episode 4: Raj and his love for momo

S1E4 - Raj.png

Meet Raj Deol

From Hong Kong 🇭🇰 to Amsterdam 🇳🇱, Raj rethinks his relationship with travel and how he shifted from short to long-term travel. He believes that everything should be rooted in empathy and is passionate about promoting a world of equality.

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🐸 Episode 3: So, Helen Killed a Frog

S1E3 - Helen.png

Meet Helen So

Helen is a visual artist and explorer. One day, when she (accidentally) killed a frog, it became the catalyst to explore her creative identity from teaching art classes to creating local art murals in Vietnam 🇻🇳.

Check out Helen’s work on her instagram @miiasoey or on her website at miiasoey.com.

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🍌 Episode 2: Ugo and the Power of Soaps & Bananas

S1E2 - Ugo.png

Meet Ugo Di Mauro

Ugo is a creative thinker and street photographer whose curiosity brought him from France 🇫🇷 to the slums of Manila 🇵🇭. In his journey to help others, he shares his secret of soaps and bananas, and his mission to help those in need with his own model.

Check out Ugo’s beautiful photography on instagram @ugodimauro or at ugodimauro.photography.

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